we make really good granola

Our Granola

We use quality ingredients: oats, pumpkin seeds, Pearson Farm pecans, slivered almonds, coconut flakes, and a balanced combination of honey, cinnamon, olive oil, a touch of brown sugar and a pinch of salt. Sometimes we toss in juicy cranberries, sometimes we tweak things a bit and add in great chocolate. 

Recommended use: eat it. Sprinkle it on yogurt or ice cream, throw it in a bowl with milk and a spoon, toss it in a favorite banana bread recipe, or just munch. 

Who are the 4 Zinks?

Kevin, Steph, Tay and Jax. There are four of us. And because of a very near-death experience following the birth of Jax, there will always be just the four of us. (It's a matter of anatomy, or lack thereof).

Why granola?

We like granola. And we’ve been making it for ourselves for quite some time. Then our kids actually liked our granola; and if the kids will eat something homemade and good for them, we make it often. 

We were always looking to do something that could eventually involve all four of us, giving us more time together. And we have an entrepreneurial spirit. Kevin, our amazingly talented O.Z. (Original Zink), has had a successful home remodeling business for years (shameless plug: Character Improvements LLC). So one day we had the idea of taking a batch of granola to our local coffee shops, and they loved it. A good friend then “hired” us to make their wedding favors (200 favors or 50 lbs! of granola) which generated a lot of buzz. And it’s just taken off from there!

and pecans!

In our commitment to use quality ingredients from reliable sources, we turned to our good friends at Tree Ripe Citrus , who graciously supplied us with our first bags of Pearson Farm pecans. And we were hooked. Not only were these pecans the perfect addition to our granola, when they’re spiced and roasted just right – they knock your socks off. You have to try them!

how to purchase

Shoot us an email, give us a call or DM an order to us through Instragram. Apple Pay, Cash and PayPal are amazing little payment apps that we favor. You can find our cranberry granola at all of the Outpost locations in Milwaukee and Mequon, in their bulk section. We are also at Blum’s Coffee Garden inside Bluemel’s in Greenfield and at Broad Street Coffee in Greendale.

And keep checking our calendar for market appearances.

Thank you!

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